October 2020 Minutes

Red Hill PTO Meeting Minutes

October 6, 2020

Agenda Items:

  • Welcome new faces – Eva Scott and Ellie Thomas

  • Learning kits that were sent home on Friday, 10/2 included a letter to families requesting unsolicited donations to the PTO

  • Draft Funding Request Form for teachers (Prepared by Ellie)

  • Most of us have reviewed form and agree it is a big improvement (thank you Ellie!).

  • Add deadline to form for the first round of requests

  • This letter includes guidelines for teachers regarding what the PTO will fund in an attempt to manage expectations/feelings – three questions in the draft speak to those guidelines.

  • Beth Kavounas: Teachers need to learn if they are going to be back in school/who will be in school before the know what they will request.

  • Include timeline for request (when item is needed).

  • Send form the week of October 10th 🡪 requests in by PTO meeting in November

  • Requests will be collected in a Google doc 🡪 Christina and Ellie will work as a subcommittee to preliminary screen requests

  • Vote on requests during the November PTO meeting

  • Inform teachers of the status (funded/not funded) of their requests by mid-November

  • Discussion whether it’s best to purchase specific items or into accounts to teachers to purchase themselves (appropriate for seasonal items). This decision will be made on a request-by-request basis.

  • Learning kits went out Friday, 10/2, The next round of learning kits will go out Friday, October 16th. The plan is for every-other week deliveries of materials. School office is color coding handouts that go out - PTO flyers will be printed on gold paper.

    • Fundraising: Keep brainstorming on ways to do virtual fundraising.

    • Virtual family from-home events

    • Attractions fundraiser – all PTO board members should register as ‘sellers.’ Gayle will resend the link.

    • Virtual Bingo - Kimberly McLaughlin volunteered to host, event to be held 10/30

      • Make this a FUNraiser, not a fundraiser!

      • Event to be held October 30th – Flier to go home on 10/16

      • Children encouraged to wear costumes – costume prizes

      • Kimberly will prepare a flier to include in the 10/16

      • Supplies in shed: bingo cards, some prizes.

      • Include cards in the next set of kits that go out.

      • Do it the day before Halloween – dress up …

  • November PTO meeting will be held on November 10 (1st Tuesday is election day)

  • Principal McCullen – the school board votes on Thursday, 10/8 to determine whether the county will move into Stage 3 reopening or remain in Stage 2.

  • Virtual Club update will be send out by Christina.

Attendees: Gayle Burt, Christina Shoup, Eva Scott, Kimberly McLaughlin, Lani Pakrana, Dan Hoffman, Ellie Thomas, Angela White, Heather Tierney, Bethany Privatt, Beth Kavounas, Nancy McCullen