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**Next Volunteer Build Day is June 14th, 4-7pm**

Our biggest project in years, to be known as Art's Park, will be sure to serve the Red Hill students and community for years to come consists of four main areas: (1) Learning Lawn, (2) Nature Play, (3) Outdoor Classroom, and (4) GreenHouse & Garden.

Estimated Cost: $135,000 (see breakdown below)

We are also tackling the Pre-K Playground (a smaller project) while finding the needed materials for the larger project.

How we make it affordable...

  • Using donated and repurposed materials

  • Engaging volunteers

How you can help...

Be on the lookout for good sources of free or cheap building materials:

  • Mulch

  • Sand, stone, gravel, or pavers

  • Landscaping edging

  • Large cable spools

  • Galvanized planters

  • 3’ diameter corrugated pipe

  • Clean fill dirt

Get hands on and make something amazing (or even just mediocre):

  • Tackle one of the projects with friends and co-workers.

  • Don’t work well with others? Tackle a project at home and bring it to the school later.

  • Donate to the effort or convince someone to do it.

How to stay informed...

Pull out your cell phone right now and just text @redhillpto to 81010 for updates, or to inquire about donating or volunteering on any aspect of this exciting project.

Cost Estimate

Cost Estimate