Meeting Minutes

December 2017 Meeting Minutes

  1. Welcome and introductions
    • Meeting Attendees: Mr. Stow, Chris Pokrana, Angela White, Bethany Prevatt, Vanessa Love, Kimberly McLaughlin, Beth Kavounas
    • Meeting Minutes Approval
  2. Treasurer’s Reports
  3. Committee Reports
    • Pancake Breakfast follow up
      • Good food, Good turn-out
      • Book fair was better than last year
    • Winter Dance:
      • January 12th
      • Mr Dan DJ? Max?
      • Disco ball
      • Dara to lead/track down Trish Pugh -
      • After school to decorate
      • Free with a treat to share
      • Have parents RSVP to get a head count
      • 6 pm - 8 pm
    • Technology Byte Night
      • January 25
      • Covered dish
      • Different sessions - internet safety (library), ozbots, different technologies
      • A couple of parents to help set up
      • The Tech committee has tentatively scheduled an “International Tech Night with a Byte to Eat” for the evening of Thursday, January 25th. We plan to have it be a covered dish so families will bring a dish that reflects either their cultural heritage or favorite dish. Then, we’ll have break out sessions that families will choose: like internet safety, educational resources, sign up and LEARN to use Parent Portal, learn about a 3d printer, etc.
      • I’d like to ask the PTO if they would support this event in two ways:
        • Help coordinate the food, service and clean up
        • Find out if there are any Red Hill Parents that want to offer up some type of technological expertise as one of the sessions…
    • Chili bingo February 10, 5:30-8 pm
      • Bethany to check with JC to bingo call
      • Max, Ruritans to judge, Graham Page, Vern
      • Donations
      • Space - Use line in cafeteria for chili? Front hallway? Crossroads lobby
      • 50/50, No silent auction.
  4. Principal’s Report
    • No updates
  5. Parent Council Report:
    • No updates
  6. Unfinished Business
    • Facebook Donations - Check online banking for that. (network for good) $450.
    • Attractions & Believe Fundraisers
  7. New Business
    • Directory & Parent Call Script
    • Work-Study Program
      • PVCC - job posting - Chris posted for organizing volunteer management.
    • PTO Website / Moosletter / Google Groups
    • Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser
  8. Adjournment