Meeting Minutes

October 2017 Meeting Minutes

  1. Welcome and introductions
    • Meeting Attendees: Mr. Stow, Chris Pokrana, Bethany Prevatt, Dara Epperly, Martha Layman, Karen Welk, Kimberly McLaughlan, Vanessa Love, Cheryl Johnson
    • Meeting Minutes Approval - Motion Approved
  2. Treasurer’s Reports
    • Student Excellence Fund
    • Curriculum enhancement fund K has submitted $775 for various items, 1st/2nd is coming. Susy Page - 3,4,5 one year membership of Mystery Science $149. (approved).
    • Cheryl says “all is good”.
  3. Committee Reports
    • Fall Carnival
      • Donations:
        • Themed baskets- letter went home
      • Volunteers
        • Sign-up genius went out. Cheryl to check if it can be made public/facebook.
      • Marketing
        • After school students to make posters/signs
          • Mr. Stow to reach out to the after school program.
          • Ordering 5 signs “Red Hill School this Saturday Fall Carnival. Trunk or Treat”
            • 10x20 approximately $10 each (to be used for future events)
        • Sign for the road
      • Food/Supplies:
        • 20 pizza’s from Dr. Ho’s
        • Paper supplies
        • PTO to do Hot Dogs?
      • Games/Music/Entertainment:
        • Budget for Kim-$50
        • Square hay bales
        • Photo booth- props
        • Rock painting table
        • Magic booth-Camden (former student)
        • Max/Miles to play live music on patio
        • Dan the DJ (spooky bus)
        • Caricature booth
      • Trunk or Treat
        • 10+ cars have signed up
    • After-School Programs
        • Ski club- Mr. Marshall, Chris Pokrana and Daniel Strumloff
        • Club info for Moos Letter- Mr. Stow to ask Michelle
  4. Principal’s Report - Enrollment update 157 to 204. CAI curriculum assessment (June). Focused on project, problem, passion based learning. (School-wide to be “outdoor learning spaces”. ) Engage the children in what they’d like to see. Have the kids create a presentation. Play-scape built around the North Garden room for 1st/2nd grade. Outside the Heard Mt Room for 3/4/5 grade. Sensory wall or sand box for Kindergarten. Present to PTO Board. On agenda for next month, time to view presentations. $25,000 in CD, $8,000 Commitment to Excellence Funds.
  5. Parent Council Report
  6. Unfinished Business
    • Day of Caring
    • Yancey Greenhouse - We’re getting the greenhouse from Yancey. (Possible take down and move this weekend). Kimberly to check with some people to help move. Karen to look for possible locations on school property.
    • Facebook Donations - Check online banking for that. (network for good) $450.
    • Attractions & Believe Fundraisers
  7. New Business
    • Directory & Parent Call Script
    • Work-Study Program
      • UVA - America Reads program
      • PVCC - job posting - Chris posted for organizing volunteer management.
    • PTO Website / Moosletter / Google Groups
    • Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser
  8. Adjournment