Oct2019 Minutes

October 2019 Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Christina Shoup, Beth Kavounas, Gayle Burt, Nancy McCullen, Chris Pokrana, Vanessa Love, Kristin Rubenoff, Kimberly McLaughin, Dan Hoffman

  1. Approval of September Agenda

    1. Approved and posted on PTO Website

  2. Treasure's Report

    1. Financial Report

      1. reviewed by Gayle $ spent in 2019 to date

      2. Curriculum Enhancement Fund $3000

        1. Teacher requests: will vote once all requests have been received (this week)

  3. Committee Reports

    1. Events

      1. September Game Night recap

        1. Several teachers attended, good turn out, positive reviews.

    2. Festival (Saturday 10/26)

      1. Google doc sent from Kimberly and sign-up genius created posting on FB

      2. Games, 50/50 and cake walk (6:00-8:00)

      3. Food -Spaghetti/meatballs from Costco, Salad, desserts and bread donations, Pizza from Dr. Ho's

      4. Volunteers (Coordinator Christina) Monticello High School (Key Club and Cheer)

      5. 50/50 raffle (Chris)

      6. Hay ride (Bethany)

      7. Candy (Angela)

      8. Ticket table (Gayle and Christina)

      9. Set up on Friday (Kimberly)

      10. Boo Trailer

      11. Marketing and communications

        1. Sign to be put out on route 29

        2. additional communications to be sent home, FB event

      12. Pre-order tixs

        1. $40 family cap $10 per band (pre-order), bands includes all/games/food, $5 grandparent bands food

      13. 5. Costume contest and trunk or treat (5:00-6:00)

      14. Entertainment:

        1. Miles and Max music (5:30-6:00)

        2. Rock painting (Miles' grandma)

        3. Face painting (Shana)

5. Upcoming Events

1. Free fun dance- November 16th, 2019

2. Pancake Breakfast and Book Fair- December 7th, 2019

3. Movie Night- January 24th, 2020

6. Fundraisers

1. Attractions Coupons- still in progress, on track to meeting goal, outstanding books to be collected, a list was sent to the homeroom teachers.

2. Sell Red Hill T-shirts!! Consider price dropping

7. Student Directory (Kimberly)

1. To be printed at FedEx- PTO to reimburse, Kimberly to get forms front office, current enrollment is 213.

8. Yearbook (Kimberly)

1. Pictures from teachers, parents, club directors

2. Considering adding 4 pages, budget $1500 approved, 275 books

3. Yearbook club-potential for this year? Year book cover competition?

9. After-school program

1. Chess Club (Wed), Music (10/7), Christian Club (Thursdays), Soccer/Engineering Clubs (Friday)

10. Outdoor Learning Space

1. On hold, previously purchsed Gazebo, potentially putting up in an alternate location, Chris spoke with building services.

11. Principal's Report

1. Renovations- we are in concept design phase, school board 03Oct2019, site plan has had updates based on feedback from teachers, community, etc. (feedback will have responses), concept drawling to kick-start heavy work around the building, keep adding elements to the plans, no approval needed, just a presentation. Next phase design phase with details added. Updated plans will be published after the meeting. New gym completed prior to work on old gym

2. Back to school night- turn out a little lower- but positive feedback.

3. School Improvement Plan- 2 parts, in the process, goals heavily focused on reading- due to lowest performance, fun and exciting ways to create a culture of reading. Promote in and out of school rejuvenation. List of event and activities to be coming home soon. Reading Relay- for the love of reading- selected a book for all students.

4. Move of Book Character Day- to March 2020 (from October)

12. New Business

1. After-school Programs, Staffing/Background Checks- PTO vs School sponsored clubs- Student support fund-committee to give scholarships to families- liability, County employees, Volunteer form, organization vetting.

2. Student Bullying/Discipline and Parent Notification- referrals to office are high for first quarter, certain individuals struggling, extra support to the individuals and classrooms. TDT services- Mental health funding through Medicaid, rules are changed, less approvals. Emotional Health needs- committee- to look up next meeting-possible representation from RHES.

13. Adjourment

Next meeting: 11/12/19 6:30 RHES Library